The Sun from Coimbra: history, recent results and perspectives

by João Fernandes

Hosted by University of Coimbra, Portugal on April 11, 2019


The Astronomical Observatory of the Coimbra University has a collection of solar observations on a daily basis, since 1926. We obtain regular observations of the full solar disk using a classical spectroheliograph, in the spectral lines of Ca II and Halpha (this one only after 1989). Until 2007 the acquisition was based on photographic plates and films. This data is digitized and public. Since then, a 12-bit CCD camera is operational. Nowadays, the local weather conditions allows observations in more than 300 days/year. This data is, particularly, suitable for solar cycle studies. In this talk, we briefly present a history of these observations; we discuss recent results using the data; and we present some perspectives for the near future.