Large-amplitude oscillations in solar prominences derived from high-resolution simulations

Valeriia Liakh

Hosted by Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias, Spain on March 25, 2021


We report 2D MHD simulations of the large-amplitude oscillations (LAOs) in the solar prominences performed with MHD code Mancha. We aim to study the properties of LAOs using high-resolution simulations in a simple 2D magnetic configuration that contains a dipped part. We loaded the dense prominence plasma in the dips region. In order to excite oscillations, we used a perturbation directed along the magnetic field. For the same numerical model, the four spatial resolutions were considered: 240, 120, 60, and 30 km. The longitudinal LAOs (LALOs) are strongly damped even in the high-resolution simulation in the region of the weaker and more curved magnetic field (at the center and bottom of the prominence). At the prominence top, the oscillations have relatively longer damping times. Furthermore, during the first 100 minutes, the longitudinal velocity shows growing with respect to its initial amplitude. The amplification becomes even more significant in the experiments with high-resolution. The damping and amplification mechanisms involved in our experiments can be important for explaining the observed amplification and attenuation of the LALOs.

Recorded video