High-resolution spectroscopy of a minifilament eruption

Ioannis Kontogiannis

Hosted by Leibniz-Institut für Astrophysik Potsdam (AIP), Germany on October 21, 2021


Minifilaments are miniature versions of filaments, first observed in H-alpha filtergrams of quiet Sun. Recent studies have showcased their association with small-scale eruptive events, highlighting their importance in energetic processes of the quiet Sun. We present the first detailed study of such an event, using high-cadence, high-spectral resolution imaging observations. The minifilament formed between small-scale, opposite-polarity magnetic concentrations and erupted within an hour after its appearance in H-alpha, exhibiting a twisted, thread-like structure. Its eruption took place in two phases (slow and fast), producing a coronal dimming, while part of the erupting material returned to the chromosphere. The observed similarities to large-scale filament eruptions indicate the action of common mechanisms. Their properties, combined with their abundance in quiet Sun, constitute minifilaments ideal targets for the new ground-based solar telescopes.

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