The Propagation of Coherent Waves Across Multiple Solar Magnetic Pores

Samuel Grant

Hosted by Queen's University Belfast, United Kingdom on May 26, 2022


Solar pores have long been documented as efficient magnetic conduits for propagating magnetohydrodynamic wave energy from the photosphere into the outer regions of the solar atmosphere. Observations of pores often contain isolated and/or unconnected structures, which prevents the statistical examination of wave activity inter- play as a function of atmospheric height. Here, using high resolution observations acquired by the Dunn Solar Telescope, we examine photospheric and chromospheric wave signatures stemming from a unique collection of magnetic pores originating from the same decaying sunspot. A common driver for waves in each pore is detected, allowing for an unprecedented study of each wave guide using novel methods, to gain insight into their underlying attributes, with a view to next-gen solar observatories.

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