Searching for signatures of Hα spicule-like features in the solar transition region

Nived Vilangot Nhalil

Hosted by Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA), India on September 21, 2023


New instrumental and telescopes covering the optical and UV spectral regions have revealed a range of small-scale dynamic features, many of which may be related. Direct observational evidence in terms of tracking spicules across multiple wavelengths is needed to understand their role in heating the solar atmosphere. This study uses the Hα filtergrams obtained by the CRISP on SST and co-aligned IRIS data to study the signature of the Rapid Blue-shifted Excursions (RBEs) in the transition region. By studying the spatio-temporal evolution of RBEs in Hα and SJI 1400 Å channels, we found that ∼53 % of the RBEs have a transition region counterpart. From the RBE-like events that have a Si iv 1394 Å line profile, 78% of them show a Si iv line flux increase. The events that show line flux enhancement also show broadening in Si iv 1394 Å line. Most of these features show a second broadened Si iv component which is slightly blue-shifted. The plethora of chromospheric jets that can reach transition region temperature suggests that some of the transition region dynamics may be governed by the chromosphere below.

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