Polarization signatures during the X1.6 flare observed in active region NOAA 12192

Fabiana Ferrente

Hosted by University of Catania, Italy on July 1, 2021


The X1.6 flare observed on 22 October 2014 (SOL2014-10-22T14:28) was among the strongest flares that occurred in the magnetically complex, great active region NOAA 12192. Despite the large amount of released energy, it was a confined flare, without an accompanying CME. In our work we attempt to deepen our understanding of the magnetic field configuration of the active region NOAA 12192. We analyzed the polarization signatures during the flare using full spectro-polarimetric data acquired by the IBIS/DST instrument along the photospheric Fe I 617.3 nm and the chromospheric Ca II 854.2 nm lines in a one-hour time interval immediately following the peak of the X1.6 flare. The results obtained provide evidence of significant changes in the magnetic field configuration of the chromosphere during the analyzed time interval.

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