Multiline Spectropolarimetric Observation of a C2-Class Solar Flare

Rahul Yadav

Hosted by Stockholm University, Sweden on September 23, 2021


We present high-resolution and multiline spectropolarimetric observations of a C2-class solar flare (SOL2019-05-06T08:47). The rise, peak, and decay phases of the flare were recorded continuously and simultaneously in the Ca II K, Ca II 8542 Å, and Fe I 6173 Å lines with the CRISP and CHROMIS instruments at the Swedish Solar Telescope (SST). At the flare footpoints, a non-LTE multiline inversion code (STiC) was employed to infer the temperature, magnetic field, line-of-sight (LOS) velocity, and microturbulent velocity. The temporal analysis of the inferred temperature at the flare footpoints shows that the flaring atmosphere from log τ500 ∼ −2.5 to −3.5 is heated up to 7 kK, whereas from log τ500 ∼ −3.5 to −5 the inferred temperature ranges between ∼7.5 kK and ∼11 kK. During the flare peak time, the LOS velocity shows both upflows (evaporation) and downflows (condensation) around the flare footpoints in the upper chromosphere and lower chromosphere, respectively. Moreover, the temporal analysis of the LOS magnetic field exhibits a maximum change of ∼600 G. After the flare, the LOS magnetic field decreases to the non-flaring value, exhibiting no permanent or step-wise change. The analysis of response functions to the temperature, LOS magnetic field, and velocity shows that the Ca II lines exhibit enhanced sensitivity to the deeper layers compared to the non-flaring atmosphere. We also estimated the radiative losses from the singly ionized Ca and Mg atoms using the semi-empirical model atmosphere inferred from the inversion of the CRISP and CHROMIS dataset. The obtained radiative losses range from 50 to 180 kW/m^2 near the flare footpoints. Our observations illustrate that even a less intense C-class flare can heat the deeper layers of the solar chromosphere, mainly at the flare footpoints, without affecting the photosphere.

Relevant publication

Yadav, R., Díaz Baso, C. J., de la Cruz Rodríguez, J., Calvo, F., Morosin, R. 2021, A&A, 649, A106

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